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 +====== Aker ======
 +We've named our wiki Aker.  **//​[[wp>​aker (god)|Aker]]//​** is one of the oldest Egyptian gods and was the deification of the horizon. From [[wp>​aker (god)|wikipedia]] : As the horizon, Aker was also seen as symbolic of the borders between each day, and so was originally depicted as a narrow strip of land (i.e. a horizon), with heads on either side, facing away from one another, a symbol of borders. These heads were usually those of lions. Over time, the heads became full figures of lions (still facing away from each other), one representing the concept of yesterday (Sef in Egyptian), and the other the concept of tomorrow (Duau in Egyptian).
 +It is a beautiful symbol, the horizon, the //moment// of the horizon. ​ The symbol is both the vision and the moment in time all in one.  It is a liminal space between the earth and sky, between night and day, sleep and awake. ​ It is the threshold. ​ It is the border that our phenomenological and psychic life criss-crosses every day with content transcending back and forth. ​ Some of it conscious some of it unconscious. ​ The god Aker is a beautiful symbol we think.
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