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Trismosin, Salomon (1604) Published 1708 by Bey Christian Liebezeit in der St. Joh. Kirch in Hamburg . Written in German

Edition Notes Includes works by Trismosin, Paracelsus, Korndorffer and numerous other authors, gathered into 5 Tractatus. Those after the 1st have separate t.p.'s.
Main t.p. printed in red and black.
Includes engraved port. of Philipp Theophrastus and symbolic etchings illustrating the Spiegel der Philosophey and Trismosin's Splendor solis. There are also woodcut ill., tailpieces and decorated capitals.
Hogart, R.C. Alchemy, 157
Binding: old vellum over pasteboard.

Aureum Vellus oder, Guldin Schatz und Kunst-Kammer

Splendor Solis

These seem to be an early version of the Splendor Solis plates. Cf. Transformation of the Psyche for commentary info.

Donum Dei

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