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 +====== On Dreams & Death ======
 +**//​Reference//​** \\ 
 +von Franz, Marie-Louise (1986) //On Dreams & Death//. © 1984 Kösel-Verlag GmbH & Co., Munich. Translation © 1986 Shambhala Publications,​ Inc. Random House publications. ​
 +<fc green>I found this book interesting but not one of von Franz'​s better ones in my view.  The approach to inquiry of the topic is - as she mentions on page xiv, (1) depth psychology, (2) dreams, (3) alchemical symbolism, and to a lesser degree (4) spiritualism,​ parapsychological research. ​ The topic of course is not easy.  Much of the discussion is sustained by the alchemical and egyptian themes from the Komarios text,</​fc>​ p27 "...on of the oldest texts of Graeco-Egyptian alchemy, dating back to the first century."​ <fc green>It is difficult to find any copy or more information on the Komarios text...which is annoying.</​fc>​
 +<fc green>I did appreciate the different references to time & space that I think are worth noting. ​ Especially towards the latter half of the book, p117, p149 for e.g.</​fc>​
 +==== Introduction ====
 +<fc green>​Speaking of the unconscious</​fc>​ \\ 
 +xii "But, as alchemy shows, the unconscious chose rather the [[wp>​Cybele|Cybele]]-[[wp>​Attis|Attis]] type in the form of the //prima materia// and the //filius macrocosmi//,​ thus proving that it is not complementary but compensatory."​
 +xiii "//In principle, individuation dreams do not differ in their archetypal symbolism from death dreams.//
 +==== 1. The Mystery of the Corpse and the Grave of Osiris ====
 +~~SEARCHPATTERN#'/​(.*§555\s*([^\n\r]+).*)/​i'??​ +aker:​collected_works:​cw11 _sprender $quote ??~~
 +==== 2. The Vegetation: Tree, Grass, Corn, and Flower ====
 +==== 3. The First Death marriage ====
 +==== 4. The Dark Birth Passage and the Spirit of Discouragement ====
 +==== 5. Death as the Sinister or Benevolent Other ====
 +==== 6. The Passage through Fire and Water ====
 +==== 7. The Sacrifice or Treatment of the Old Body ====
 +==== 8. The Shifting Ego-Identity,​ Multiple Souls and Their Fixation in the Fruit ====
 +==== 9. Final Resurrection as a Reunion of the Psyche with the Body ====
 +==== 10. The Subtle Body and its Variants ====
 +==== 11. Jung's New Hypothesis ====
 +==== Summary ====