Alchemy, An introduction to the Symbolism and the Psychology

von Franz, Marie-Louise (1980) Alchemy, An introduction to the Symbolism and the Psychology. Inner City Books.

p52 “for people cannot give associations to their archetypal dreams.”

p52 - 54 and perhaps more, there is this discussion around whether knowledge is good or evil. Having been brought to us by the anima, it is it liberating or condeming that we now have knowledge? As Eve stole the knowledge of good and evil (and secuality) from the Garden of Eden did that help man or destroy him.

p51 image caption “Knowledge is either poisonous or healing…One has to have a double attitude about it, the teaching of the felix bulpa.” and top of p.55

p71 - 72, The God Aker, the agent in re-collecting the bones and members of the god. “The lowest moment of the enantiodromia and of the resurrection is Aker, for Aker means “that moment.””

p79, 3 things about the Greek 'Alchemical' texts:

  1. Religion
  2. Recipes, rituals
  3. Philosophy

p171 - 176, intuition is not the same as the 'instinct of truth' = philosophers stone, the divine water, = the objective of alchemy. Both a stone and water are symbols for the same thing, the same goal. Intuition may be blurred by projection p. 176. It is not the same as the coniunctio, the meeting of opposites which results in the instinct of truth.

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