This page was put together for a presentation given at the Jung Club London. Specifically the Grassroots series of presentations designed as an introduction to Jung and the concepts of Analytical Psychology.

This is most certainly not an exhausted list of biographical material relevant to finding out about 'Jung the man'. It is however a good introduction. It might be helpful to read his autobiography first;
Jung, C. G. (1973) Jaffé. A. Ed. Winston R., Winston C. Trans. Memories, Dreams, and Reflections, Vintage books, a division of Random House, Inc. NY

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Most of these videos may be found on YouTube if you do a search for the title.

Face to face, John Freeman (1959)

BBC 'Face to Face' interviews Carl Gustav Jung October 22, 1959

Face To Face was a 35 episode BBC television series broadcast between 1959 and 1962, created and produced by Hugh Burnett. The insightful and often probing style of the interviewer, former politician John Freeman, distinguished it from other programmes of its genre at the time.

Freeman's face was almost never shown. Apart from the back of his head, the cameras were concentrated on the subject, sometimes concentrating on a nervously smoked cigarette or a close-up of a face. The theme music was an excerpt from the overture to Berlioz' opera Les Francs-juges. The titles for each episode featured caricatures of that week's subject drawn by Feliks Topolski. Some episodes departed from an interview conducted at the BBC's Lime Grove Studios: the edition with Carl Gustav Jung was conducted at his home in Switzerland. The interview was a success, with his much quoted remark about the existence of God - 'I don't believe, I know' - arousing a storm of comment at the time.

The Face to face interview by John Freeman - Oct 2nd 1959. This particular interview was notable for a few reasons: Most often a caricature of the person being interviewed was shown in the opening credits, a pencil sketch of the individual. Jung did not want to be drawn. John Freeman's face was usually never shown. The camera would show the back of his head while focusing on the individual being interviewed. Conducted at Jung's home in Switzerland as opposed to the BBC studio's.

Carl Gustav Jung: A Matter of Heart (1986)
Documentary on the famous Swiss psychoanalyst, Carl Gustav Jung, featuring interviews with those who knew him and archive footage of Jung.

Sea of faith (1984)

Sea of Faith was a six-part documentary television series, presented on BBC television in 1984 by Don Cupitt. The programme dealt with the history of Christianity in the modern world, focussing especially on how Christianity has responded to challenges such as scientific advances, political atheism and secularisation in general.
Episode 2, The Human Animal - Genesis account. Revolutions of Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.

Remembering Jung (1986)
Includes interviews with : Gerhard Adler, Mary Bancroft, Dieter Baumann, Michael Fordham, Barbara Hannah, Joseph Henderson, Carl Gustav Jung, Hilde Kirsch, Laurens Van der Post, Marie-Louise von Franz

Carl Jung: Wisdom of the Dream (1989)
Comprehensive documentary on the legendary psychologist and philosopher, Carl Jung.

The World Within: C.G. Jung in His Own Words (1990)
Jung Speaks of Freud (1958)
Richard I. Evans from the University of Houston interviews Carl Gustav Jung on the subject of 'Sigmund Freud' .

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