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This training programme presented some of the major causes and characteristics of perversions. Many of the slides are self explanatory and will be of use to anyone thinking about exploring the powerful topic of Perversions. There are some slides that require further exploration; this will be provided in the near future.

Perversions are not about fantasies and behaviours that society considers to be deviant and 'wrong'. This author believes that perversion is about living in such a way that you prevent intimacy. Moreover, it is about feeling trapped in fantasies that you feel compelled to act-out: the fantasy has you; you don't have the fantasy.

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This document was written approximately a decade ago. The reader will notice that the text is a personalised journey through grief. It has no references and is written to reflect my experiences with people who privileged me with their grief journeys. I wrote this document as an attempt to understand what I thought they were experiencing.

The document reflects my firm belief that a split in the mind accompanies grief. One part of the mind [I have called this aspect the Coper] continues to deal with the external world. The other part of the mind [I have called this aspect the Depth-Seeker] embarks on the grief journey. Besides dealing with the emotions, images, and beliefs about loss, the Depth-Seeker attempts to incorporate the loss [no matter how big it may be] into the fabric of the person’s mind. Even in the face of profound loss, the unconscious mind attempts to transform all experiences [including tragedy and loss] into something meaningful.


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