These are some of the books we've read and notes we've made against these books. The alchemical texts in particular are interesting. We've not read all of them…and some are in old Latin (we've not read those). That said, many of the alchemical texts have beautiful images that are worth browsing. Alphabetical order is by Author, not title.


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Δ Aurora Consurgens. circa 15th century.

Δ The Planets and their Children. - A Blockbook (woodcut) of Medieval Popular Astrology See Transformation of the Psyche book review where I have placed the illustrations alongside those of the Splendor Solis illustrations for comparison.

Δ Occulta Philosophia Early 16th Century.
Written around 1509 - 1510 (printed 1533), The Three books of Occult Philosphy (De Occulta Philosophia libri III) were written by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, who lived September 15, 1486 - February 18, 1535.

Δ The Splendor Solis Circa AD 1532-1535. Attributed to Salomon Trismosin
cRef. Henderson, J. L. and Sherwood, D. N. (2003) Transformation of the Psyche . The Symbolic Alchemy of the Splendor Solis . Routledge, London & New York

Δ Stoltzius Von Stoltzenbert, Daniel. (1624) 'Viridarium Chymicum' - The Chemical Pleasure-Garden

Δ Baulot, Isaac. (1677) 'Mutus Liber' - the 'silent book'. Printed in La Rochelle under the editorship of Pierre Savouret.

Δ Ashmole, Elias, (1652) Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum : containing severall poeticall pieces of our famous English philosophers, who have written the hermetique mysteries in their owne ancient language. London : Printed by J. Grismond for Nath: Brooke, at the angel in Cornhill

Δ Valentine, Basil (1671) The last will and testament of Basil Valentine, monke of the order of St. Bennet : which, being alone, he hid under a table of marble, behind the high-altar of the cathedral church, in the imperial city of Erford : leaving it there to be found by him, whom Gods providence should make worthy of it : to which is added two treatises, the first declaring his manual operations, the second shewing things natural and supernatural. Publisher: London : Printed by S.G. and B.G. for Edward Brewster

Δ Valentine, Basil (1893) The triumphal chariot of antimony London : J. Elliott and Co.

Δ Valentine, Basil The Twelve keys of Basil Valentine

Δ Maier, Michael (1687) Secretioris Naturae Secretorum Scrutinium Chymicum : per oculis et intellectui accurat㋠accommodata, figuris cupro appositissim㋠incisa, ingeniosissima emblemata, hisque confines, & ad rem egregiã facientes sententias, doctissimaque item epigrammata, illustratum.

Δ Maier, M. Ed. (1568? - 1622) The Golden Tripod, or, Three Choice Chemical Tracts, namely: That of Basilius Valentinus, a Monk of the Benedictine Order; called Practica, with twelve Keys and Appendix; The Crede-Mihi, or Ordinal, of Thomas Norton, an English Sage; The testament of a certain Cremer, Abbot of Westminster.

Δ Maier, Michael (1617) Atalanta Fugiens. First published in Latin in 1617

Δ Maier, Michael (1617) Symbola Aureae Mensae Duodecim Nationum

Δ Ripley, George (1588) Ripley Scrowle. London, British Museum, MS Add. 5025, Four scrolls drawn in Lubeck 1588.

Δ Waite, Arthur Edmund (1893) Hermetic Museum. Restored and Enlarged; Most Faithfully Instructing All Disciples of the Sopho-Spagyric Art How That Greatest and Truest Medicine of THE PHILOSPOPHER'S STONE MAY BE FOUND AND HELD. Now First Done Into English From The Latin Original Published at Frankfort in the Year 1678 Containing Twenty-two most celebrated Chemical Tracts. Published in London, 1893 Arthur Edmund Waite

Δ Waite, A. E., (1896) The Turba Philosophorum; or, Assembly of the sages, called also the book of truth in the art and the third Pythagorical synod. Publisher London, G. Redway

Δ Reusner, Hieronymus (1582) Pandora Published Basel 1582

Δ Bonus, Petrus (1546) Pretiosa Margarita Novella Published 1546 by Apvd Aldi filios in Venice. Written in Latin

Δ Trismosin, Salomon (1604) Avrevm vellvs, oder, Guldin Schatz und Kunst-Kammer Published 1708 by Bey Christian Liebezeit in der St. Joh. Kirch in Hamburg . Written in German

Δ (1550) Rosarium Philosophorum Jacob (Offizin, Frankfurt a.M.) Stiftung der Werke von C.G.Jung, Zürich

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