The Golden Tripod

Maier, M. Ed. (1568? - 1622)The Golden Tripod , or, Three Choice Chemical Tracts, namely: That of Basilius Valentinus, a Monk of the Benedictine Order; called Practica, with twelve Keys and Appendix; The Crede-Mihi, or Ordinal, of Thomas Norton, an English Sage; The testament of a certain Cremer, Abbot of Westminster.

This is the latin version, title:
Tripvs avrevs, hoc est, Tres tractatvs chymici selectissimi : nempe I. Basilii Valentini … Practica vna cum 12. clauibus & appendice, ex Germanico; II. Thomæ Nortoni … Crede mihi, seu, Ordinale, ante annos 140. ab authore scriptum, nunc ex Anglicano manuscripto in Latinum translatum, phrasi cuiusque authoris vt & sententia retenta; III. Cremeri … Testamentum, hactenus nondum publicatum (1618)
The images are very good in the Latin copy

The Golden Tripod Tripvs avrevs, or Tripus Aureus

cf this with Theatrum chemicum britannicum by Ashmole for the Ordinal by Thomas Norton and other treatises in English.

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