Rules for life

What you are is a gift:
You did not earn your abilities, you do not deserve them, they are not a “right”, they are not owed to you. Your body, mind, looks, ability…these things are a blessing. Nothing you did or will ever do makes them owed to you. What you do with them, that is all you…that is where you start, and then they are yours.

This world owes you nothing, you do not deserve anything:
It must be realised that you do not have anything coming to you. Do not think something is owed and wait for it to happen, the time is now if you want to do something and it is up to you.

Ask for help:
You can always ask for help, and receiving help is a good thing. Do it, try for yourself, but if you need help, ask. And help others.

There are consequences:
Everything you do has a consequence, even if it is just you who sees, feels or knows about it - everything has a consequence.

Take responsibility:
When you do something, or want something, or want to do something, take responsibility for your actions. Do not blame others… unless, of course someone is an arse, then definitely call it out.

Aim for truth:
It is not always easy to know the exact truth of everything, but you should always aim for truth and honesty; be truthful and honest.

Don't live in fear:
With all these things, as far as possible, do not live in fear…aim for the stars, try and fail, it's fine. Try again…do not live in fear.

Don't bully:
Use what you have with kindness and wisdom. The worst kind of person is a bully, who abuses what they are or what they have.

Everyone is the same:
No one is better than you and you are not better than anyone else. We're all people, and with respect for others you can talk to anyone! But, some people are stupid and annoying…this is true too. You don't have to talk to everyone.

The most important person that you need to know and understand in this world is you:
Get to know and love yourself - above all others, because only then can you love and know someone else.

You are not just your body, you have a soul:
There is a God and there are forces greater than you, look inside yourself and realise there is scope and a world beyond you. A spiritual journey that you must discover and travel on your own through life. You can share the journey at times.

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