These are the collected works of C. G. Jung and the reading we have done on them. You can see we are not quite yet done. We started some time ago so comments and annotations from earlier reviews may be less in line with our more researched views - please comment and let us know what you think.

Opens a new window (work in progress) These are timelines of when the collected works were done. There is also a timeline of the seminal thinkers that influenced Jung. It is helpful to see where they were in history and how the different epochs in our history will have effected many writers of philosophy, science and religion.

Timeline of Seminal thinkers influential to Jung

Timeline showing when the Collected Works were written

Each Collected Works page related to a book will start with Reference
Unless otherwise stated, all Collected Works references are from Bollingen Series XX , Princeton University Press, Princeton, N. J.

CW 1 Psychiatric Studies

CW 2 Experimental Researches

CW 3 Psychogenesis in Mental Disease

CW 4 Freud and Psychoanalysis

CW 5 (1956) Symbols of transformation

CW 6 Psychological Types

CW 7 Two Essays on Analytical Psychology

CW 8 The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche. Including ‚ÄúSynchronicity: An Acausal connecting Principle‚ÄĚ

CW 9i The Archetypes and the collective unconscious

CW 9ii Aion

CW 10 Civilisation in Transition

CW 11 Psychology and Religion: West and East

CW 12 Psychology and Alchemy

CW 13 Alchemical Studies

CW 14 Mysterium Coniunctionis

CW 15 The Spirit in Man, Art, and Literature

CW 16 The Practice of Psychotherapy

CW 17 The Development of Personality

CW 18 The Symbolic Life

CW 19 General Bibliography

CW 20 General Index

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