Jung, C. G. (xxxx) Psychology and Alchemy , The collected Works of C. G. Jung, Vol. 12. Bollingen Series XX, Princeton University Press, Princeton, N. J.

§23 “Experience of the opposites has nothing whatever to do with intellectual insight or with empathy.”

§34 “The way to the goal seems chaotic and interminable at first, and only gradually do the signs increase that it is leading anywhere. The way is not straight but appears to go round in circles. More accurate knowledge has proved it to go in spirals: …As manifestations of unconscious processes the dreams rotate or circumambulate round the centre, drawing closer to it as the amplifications increase in distinctness and scope.”

Σ §40 “Whereas in the Church the increasing differentiation of ritual and dogma alienated consciousness from its natural roots in the unconscious, alchemy and astrology were ceaselessly engaged in preserving the bridge to nature, i.e., to the unconscious psyche, from decay. Astrology led the conscious mind back agains and again to the knowledge of Heimarmene, that is, the dependence of character and destiny on certain moments in time; alchemy afforded numerous “hooks” for the projection of those archetypes which could not be fitted smoothly in the Christian process.” Jung defines Heimarmene in §456 as = fate, natural necessity.
Heimarmene seems to be quite important in the Gnostic texts. In particular the Pistis Sophia. Where we are held to the fates = Heimarmene as a determining fact in our lives we need the Fiery intelligence = the holy spirit, to help us see the light, enlightenment, otherwise we are bound to our fates, the stars (Astrology). Heimarmene implies a freedom of will that must be activated by the holy spirit, the light presence = Jesus Christ. According to tradition logos is the activating principle, the word of God. I really like this as for one it means quite a lot to me in my awakening to God having come through a rational, logos of teaching during my time at St Pauls in Stellenbosch. Also, it bears to the dialogue of Christ and Nicodemus, John 3 v16-21 where Christ talks of returning to the light as opposed to living in darkness - the darkness where your stars (Heimarmene) govern your fate, the archetypes being the stars. We need to get to know the archetypes in the darkness and return them to the light to understand them through the light of Christ.

Δ §113 “It may be superfluous to point out here… He is in fact an unconscious exponent of the autonomous psyche and its development, just like the Medieval alchemist or the classical neoplatonist. Hence one could say, with a grain of salt, that history could be constructed just as easily from one's own unconscious as from the actual texts.”

§201 “…but as the fourth function is taboo, it only rises to “about the third or fourth.” This happens not to the dreamer alone but to many others as well, who must all wait like him until the fourth function can be accepted.”

Jung is talking here in reference to a dream. The idea of 3 to 4 is difficult, the symbolism here being the integration of the fourth inferior function. von Franz speaks of this in her book Redemption Motifs in Fairytales

** §462 “At the end of the sublimation there germinates through the mediation of the spirit, a shining white soul which flies to heaven with the spirit. This is clearly and manifestly the stone.”

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