Waite, A. E., (1896) The Turba Philosophorum; or, Assembly of the sages, called also the book of truth in the art and the third Pythagorical synod. Publisher London, G. Redway

The Turba Philosophorum

pp175 “Take that tree, and build a house about it, which shall wholly surround the same, which shall also be circular, dark, encircled by dew, and shall have placed on it a man of a hundred years; shut and secure the door lest dust or wind should reach them. Then in the time of 180 days send them away to their homes. I say that man shall not cease to eat of the fruit of that tree to the perfection of the number [of the days] until the old man shall become young. O what marvellous natures, which have transformed the soul of that old man into a juvenile body, and the father is made into the son ! Blessed be thou, O most excellent God !” The reference to 180 days is interesting. 180 degrees is a turn-around?

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