Rosarium Philosophorum

(1550) Rosarium Philosophorum. Secunda pars alchimiae de lapide philosophico vero modo praeparando, continens exactam eius scientiae progressionem. Cum figuris rei perfectionem ostendentibus. Jacob (Offizin, Frankfurt a.M.) Stiftung der Werke von C.G.Jung, Zürich

Rosarium Philosophorum


The full series in a single image

1. The Mercurial Fountain 2. King & Queen (Incest) 3. The Naked Truth

We are the beginning and first nature of metals,
Art by us maketh the chief tincture.
There is no fountain nor water found like unto me.
I heal and help both the rich and the poor,
But yet I am full of hurtful poison.
4. Immersion into the bath 5. The Conjunction
1st Coniunctio
6. The Coffin of Putrefying Conception / Death
7. The Extraction or Impregnation of the Soul

O Luna, by means of my embracing and sweet kisses,
Thou art made beautiful, strong and mighty like as I am.
O Sol, thou art to be preferred before all light,
But yet thou needest me, as the cock does the hen.

Here lie the King and Queen dead.
The Soul is separated with great grief.

Here the Four Elements are separated,
And the Soul is most subtly severed from the Body.
8. Ablution
The Washing or Mundification
9. Of the rejoining
or Springing
or Sublimation of the Soul
10. The New Birth - Rebis
White or 2nd Coniunctio

Here the dew falleth from heaven,
And washeth the black body in the sepulchre.

Here the Soul descendeth from on high,
And revives the putrefied body.

Here is born a noble and rich Queen
Whom the wise men liken unto their daughter
She increaseth and bringeth forth infinite children
Which is immortal pure and without spot
The Queen hates death and poverty
She excels both Silver and Gold and precious stones
And all medicines both precious and base
There is nothing in this world like unto her
For which we render thanks to Immortal God
11. Fermentation
Entry into the Vessel of transformation

5a in Jung's discussion
12. Illumination 13. Nourishment
Merging into Hermaphrodite in Death or Nigredo stage
14. Fixation
Ascent of Spirit

Here Sol is again included,
And is circumpassed with the Mercury of Philosophers.

Here Sol plainly dies again,
And is drowned with the Mercury of the Philosophers.

Here Sol is made black like unto pitch,
With the Mercury of the Philosophers.

Here ends the life of Luna,
And the spirit subtly ascends on high.
15. Multiplication 16. Reviving / Rivificatio 17. Perfection
Yellow or 3rd Coniunctio

Here the water is diminished,
And bedeweth the earth with his moisture

Here the Soul descendeth gloriously from heaven,
And raiseth up the Daughter of Philosophy.
18. The Green Lion Devouring the Sun 19. Assumption and Coronation 20. Resurrection
Christ arising from the grave / tomb.

I am the true green and Golden Lion without cares,
In me all the secrets of the Philosophers are hidden.

After my passion and manifold torments I am again risen,
Being purified and cleansed from all spots.
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