Waite, Arthur Edmund (1893), Restored and Enlarged; Most Faithfully Instructing All Disciples of the Sopho-Spagyric Art How That Greatest and Truest Medicine of THE PHILOSPOPHER'S STONE MAY BE FOUND AND HELD. Now First Done Into English From The Latin Original Published at Frankfort in the Year 1678 Containing Twenty-two most celebrated Chemical Tracts. Published in London.

A note
With reference to the annotations in the pdf copies above: These were made in the first instance with reference to Jung's comments/references in CW13 about the spirit Mercurius, ff. §256 & §257. Jung's references are directly about the mercurial element whereas the Musaeum Hermeticum is talking about the Philosophers Stone, not mercurius in the sections Jung references…by my reading and understanding.

Other references to this manuscript in Jung's writing:

Volume I

Page numbers reference the original text page numbers in the pdf, not the pdf document page numbering

p78 “Likewise, it (The Philosophers Stone) is a double mercury and Azoth, which, being supported by the vapour or exudation of the greater and lesser heavenly and the earthly globe, cannot be consumed by fire.”

Musaeum Hermeticum - original book scanned (quite large)

The front cover

Black & white copies

Musaeum Hermeticum Vol I - Book of Lambspring
Musaeum Hermeticum Vol II
Very large version of the last image:

Scans from the Latin manuscript

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