The Planets and Their Children

- A Blockbook (woodcut) of Medieval Popular Astrology

Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Luna (Moon)
Saturn is my name; I'm first
Of planets high above the earth.
I am by nature dry and cold,
And my works are manifold.
I in my houses firmly stand-
The Goat and the Waterman.
I do much damage by my might,
On sea and land, by day and night.
My exaltation's in the Scales,
But in the Ram my power fails.
It's thirty years, harsh and malign,
Ere I come again to the same sign.
Great Jupiter is now my name,
The second planet, strong in fame.
I am moist and truly warm,
By nature I can do no harm.
Two signs I have, their houses mine-
Archer and fishes, which golden shine.
Seek and prove me there, I pray:
Much good will surely come your way.
When in the Crab, I'm lifted high.
Weaker, in the Goat I sigh.
My passage round the twelve signs is
In twelve long years accomplished.
I am the third planet, Mars,
Wrathful, raging through the stars
I'm full of hate - and hot and dry,
With my might I magnify
All who please me, and I will
Glorify those who war and kill.
My houses the Scorpion and the Ram.
If there is conflict, there I am.
In the Goat I'm lifted high,
In the Crab lose strength and die.
The twelve signs I travel through
Not in one year, but in two.
Men call me Sol, I am the sun,
The middle planet, on I run.
Beneficent and warm and dry,
By nature my rays fill the sky
The Lion's my house, therein I dwell,
And brightly shining I do well.
There I stand, fair and bold,
Against old Saturn's bitter cold
In the Ram I rule and reign
But in the Maid I fail, I wane.
And through the stars my way to wend,
Three hundred and sixty-five days I spend.
I am Venus, fifth planet above
The world, and am the light of Love.
I'm moist and cold, and in my hour
Men feel my great and awesome power.
Two houses are mine, in which I fare,
The Bull and Scales, and when I'm there
I live in joy and jollity,
And Mars can never frighten me.
In the cold, wet Fishes I'm glad to rise,
In the Virgin's sign my power dies.
In just one year and then one day
Through the signs I gently play.
Mercury am I, gentle, soft,
Sixth planet, I send the winds aloft.
When other stars are warm, I'm hot;
I'm just as cold when they are not.
The Twins and the Maid so fine
Are the houses I account as mine.
In which I go most cleverly,
So Jupiter can't bewilder me.
I'm at my best when in the Maid,
But in the Fishes sure to fade.
Through all the signs I make my ways
In three hundred and four and thirty days.
I'm Luna, planet number seven,
The moon, nearest star in the heaven.
Cold and wet, my power ranging
Over all, unstable, changing.
The Crab is my own mansion fair,
And when you see me standing there
If Jupiter can look at me,
I'll do no evil then, you'll see.
I am exalted in the Steer,
In the Scorpion fall low I fear.
Through the stars I leap and bound,
In twenty-seven days I come around.
His Children His Children His Children His Children Her Children His Children Her Children
My children are vicious, dry and old,
Envious, weary, wretched, cold.
Deep eyes, hard skin, their beards are small.
They're lame, misshapen, depraved withal.
Traitorous, brooding, greedy, pale,
They often find themselves in jail.
They grub the dirt, dig graves, plow land,
In foul and stinking clothes they stand.
Condemned to die or live in sorrow,
Sweat and strain, or trouble borrow,
Always needy, never free,
It's Saturn's children there you see.
Modest, happy, virtuous lives;
They're lusty, but they love their wives.
Fortune smiles, they're just and wise,
Rosy faces and laughing eyes,
Well-mannered and well-clothed, refined
With hound and bow they hunt the hind.
In falconry they have much art,
Well-mounted, they pursue the hart.
Sailors and judges and men of the court
Hardworking scholars, their studies not short.
If to these things they are inclined,
It's Jupiter's children that you find.
All my trueborn children fight,
Murder, strive, and slay with might.
Angry, haughty, warlike, proud,
Liars, thieves, their boasts are loud.
Burning, cheating, robbing, hot,
Their quarrels may be just - or not.
Small teeth, small beards, tall and thin,
Noses sharp and hard rough skin.
Butchers of men, killers of swine,
Smiths and marshals, children mine.
Captains, gunners, doctors good,
All those who deal in fire and blood.
Noble and fortunate I am,
As are all my children.
Good beards, large foreheads, bodies fair,
Ruddy lips, of brains their share.
Happy, kindly, well-born, strong,
Fond of harps, viols, and song.
All morning long to God they pray,
And after noon they laugh and play.
They wrestle and they fence with swords,
They throw great stones, and serve great lords.
Manly exercises are their sports,
They have good luck in princely courts.
Lightly loving, full of mirth,
My children are happy here on earth.
Merry when rich and merry poor,
None can compare, you may be sure.
Pipe and tabor, harps and lutes,
They play organs, horns and flutes.
With singing, and with dancing too,
Embrace their lovers, kiss and woo.
They rejoice to hear fair music's sound.
Their mouths are darling, faces round.
Beautiful bodies, parched by Lust's heat,
My children find Love's duties sweet.
My children I faithfully instill
With lust for beauty, greed for skill.
No long journey for them too hard,
Strange new knowledge is their reward.
Their faces are full and pale and round,
Their bodies white, their limbs unsound.
Their clocks and organs are the best,
Excellent scribes, they take no rest.
Dextrous goldsmiths, painters good,
People praise them - and they should.
They are a smart, hardworking lot,
When asked for help they give it not.
All heavenly influence through me must go
Now strong, now weak, now fast, now slow.
Headstrong, heedless, and half-wild -
If he won't be led, he's Luna's child.
Pale round faces and brown eyes,
Cruel teeth, snub-nosed, and never wise,
Easily angered, but soon consoled,
Short, lazy, jealous, greedy for gold.
Tinkers and jugglers and students who roam,
Millers, birdcatchers, those never at home,
If you fish or swim or sail,
As Luna's child you cannot fail.
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