On Dreams & Death

von Franz, Marie-Louise (1986) On Dreams & Death. © 1984 Kösel-Verlag GmbH & Co., Munich. Translation © 1986 Shambhala Publications, Inc. Random House publications.

I found this book interesting but not one of von Franz's better ones in my view. The approach to inquiry of the topic is - as she mentions on page xiv, (1) depth psychology, (2) dreams, (3) alchemical symbolism, and to a lesser degree (4) spiritualism, parapsychological research. The topic of course is not easy. Much of the discussion is sustained by the alchemical and egyptian themes from the Komarios text, p27 “…on of the oldest texts of Graeco-Egyptian alchemy, dating back to the first century.” It is difficult to find any copy or more information on the Komarios text…which is annoying.

I did appreciate the different references to time & space that I think are worth noting. Especially towards the latter half of the book, p117, p149 for e.g.


Speaking of the unconscious
xii “But, as alchemy shows, the unconscious chose rather the Cybele-Attis type in the form of the prima materia and the filius macrocosmi, thus proving that it is not complementary but compensatory.”

xiii “In principle, individuation dreams do not differ in their archetypal symbolism from death dreams.

1. The Mystery of the Corpse and the Grave of Osiris


2. The Vegetation: Tree, Grass, Corn, and Flower

3. The First Death marriage

4. The Dark Birth Passage and the Spirit of Discouragement

5. Death as the Sinister or Benevolent Other

6. The Passage through Fire and Water

7. The Sacrifice or Treatment of the Old Body

8. The Shifting Ego-Identity, Multiple Souls and Their Fixation in the Fruit

9. Final Resurrection as a Reunion of the Psyche with the Body

10. The Subtle Body and its Variants

11. Jung's New Hypothesis


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