Children's Dreams

Jung, C. G. (2008) Children's Dreams. Notes from the Seminar Given in 1936-1940. English translation © 2008 by Princeton University Press.

p62 “We feel it may be justified to assume that this problem is not a conscious problem of the infantile soul, but rather a general one that finds expression in this dream: the fight of the spirit against physical matter, the longing of the creature to be saved from the bonds of the flesh, the fight of the higher against the lower powers. In the arts, the most striking expression of this motif is Rodin’s female Centaur. She stretches her upper body forward, she reaches forward with her arms with an immense longing, and one senses her ardent wish to be completely freed of her animal body. The artist’s intuition and the dream of the 8􏰅􏰆-year-old child speak the same language, as both of them take their images from the collective unconscious.”

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