This is a timeline of Jung's life showing significant events. Information is not complete and is intended to accompany the readily available biographical material about Jung.

The information provided here is 'as is'. Chronological information is for indication purposes only and should be recognised to the granularity of a year unless otherwise stated. For example, information pertaining to Jung when he was 11 years old is shown in his 11'th year. The day and month are most likely not accurate unless expressly stated. (The timeline defaults to showing dates that include the day and month which may not be accurate)


MDR = Jung. C. G. (1973) Jaffe. A. Ed. Winston R., Winston C. Trans. Memories, Dreams, and Reflections, Vintage books, a division of Random House, Inc. NY

= Dreams: This icon is used to show a seminal dream that Jung had and talks about.

= Publications: This icon is used to show certain publications, books - usually part of the Collected Works.

Where possible, other more specific images are used to depict recognisable events from Jung's life or events during his life.

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